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Chevy 216 Stainless Steel Engine Hex Bolt Kit


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This is a stainless steel Hex bolt kit from the intake to the oil pan and is guaranteed to fit your 216 Chevy engine! The kit includes packaged and labeled bolts and washers for the following:

Intake/Exhaust Manifold, Timing Cover, Side Cover, Water Pump, Oil Pan, Thermostat Housing, Distributor, Fuel Pump, and Valve Cover

If you need any bolt substitutions for aluminum valve covers or any other non-stock parts on your engine, please email or call us and we will gladly substitute them for you. We recommend using anti-seize at all thread points.

The photo is of our Original style Chevy 216 kit.  The Hex kit will not have the Binding Head or Phillips screws, just hex bolts.


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