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2000-2006 Softail Polished Stainless Grade 8 ARP Engine Bolt Kit

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This is our largest and most complete engine and trans kit for the 2000-2006 Harley Softail. These bolt kits are for the person who wants the finest American made bolts on their American Made Iron!

Dress up your Harley Softail with this beautiful grade 8 stainless steel bolt kit.  This kit fits all of the bikes in the Softail Family from 2000 to 06.  It also covers the Screamin Eagle CVO’s.

Not only are these bolts good looking, they are extremely strong (Stronger than the stock bolts) and come with a beautiful hand polished finish. These bolts have a 12 point flanged hex head, are highly resistant to oxidation. They are rated at 170,000 psi tensile strength and will withstand high temperatures.

The bolts are made from a specially alloyed Stainless 300 material, which has the added benefit of being virtually impervious to rust and corrosion.

To achieve a clean, smooth look, the kit also includes show polished stainless steel buttonhead screws for the Timing Cover.  All of the bolts except for the Timing Cover come with polished stainless flat washers.

There is no chrome plating to crack, peel, or rust, and no caps or plugs to come loose and fall off. No Hex Socket to Hold Dirt and Water!

The bolts and washers in the kit are packaged into labeled component kits for the following:

Cam Cover, Timing Cover, Lifter Blocks, Rocker Boxes, Trans Side, Trans Side Door, Trans Top, Crank Position and Speed Sensors, Primary Cover, Inner Primary Cover, Derby Cover, and Primary Inspection Cover

5 reviews for 2000-2006 Softail Polished Stainless Grade 8 ARP Engine Bolt Kit

  1. Kevin Freeland

    This kit and ALL the fasteners I have bought to date are the SHIT!. I have without a doubt found a source for outstanding upgrades to the marginally functional HD standard fasteners. These fasteners LOOK great and they perform great. Just tightening them you can feel the quality as your wrench fits squarely and as the torque increases there is NO slipping. The Customer Service has been outstanding too. I just E mail Joe with a description of what I am looking for and within a few hours he is back to me with an answer. I work for the Marine Corps overseas and it is very hard to find good support for parts for U.S. made Bikes. I am 110% satisfied with the Polished Grade 8 Stainless Kit and I highly reccomend it to anyone who is serious about improving the function and the appearance of thier Scooter.

    Semper Fi

    Kahuna (aka K. Freeland)

    A Ch. Far East, VNV LV MC

    Sgt at Arms

  2. Richard F VanKirk

    I have purchased 3 complete 12 pt engine kits for different bikes these bolts are second to none.

  3. Larry Burgess

    Thanks for a very quick ship of my order. It was very small but you took care of it.

    Many thanks……….


  4. Jim Schaefer

    I have been buying all my bolts for my Engine from AlloyBoltz and I love the web site the service and the variety to choose from. I will never buy from anyone else. I have a 351 Cleveland and I purchased all Allen head Bolts with High Collar washers. My Engine look fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Joey Stivaletta

    I’ve been buying bolts from these guys , Bob n Michelle , what great people , sending me stuff to oz and never a drama , love the packing , love the show polish finish , really keep up the work , Joey from oz

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