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Yamaha 2004-2013 YFZ450 Non-EFI Polished Stainless Engine Bolt Kit


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This Polished matched set of Un-knurled Allen bolts for the 2004-2014 YFZ450 Engine, is a scaled down version of our total ATV Kit. These bolts have been Hand Polished to an extremely high shine. The letters still remain on the bolt heads.

We include the required washers needed to prevent damage to your engines when switching from stock bolts to Allens. Installing bolts without washers can lead to SERIOUS DAMAGE to your engine.

This is one of the most complete Yamaha YFZ450 Engine kits available anywhere!!!

We package our component kits in packages that fit our box. Our kit labels are inside the package and can not come off.

We guarantee your satisfaction with the fit of our kits or we will refund your purchase price!!

For ease of installation, our YFZ450 kit includes separately packaged and labeled component kits for the following:

Right Case Cover- Left Case Cover- Clutch Cover

Oil Filter Cover (NO SPECIAL LOWER SCREW) -Water Pump Cover- Generator

Cylinder- Crankcase- Sprocket Cover

If you are using aftermarket parts on your bike, let us know and we will work with you to make sure the kit will fit your combination.


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