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CHEVY LT1 LT4 350 CAMARO CORVETTE Polished Stainless Steel Engine Allen Bolt Kit



Dress Up Your Small Block Chevy LT-1/ LT-4 Tuned Port Engine With This Awesome Polished Stainless Steel Allen Bolt Kit!! Great Looking Fasteners Far Below Show Polished Prices!! The kit pictured shows the fasteners in our kit and it has NOT been polished.

We buff each bolt by hand to a high shined finish. We do not remove the knurls or stamps on the bolt heads.

This kit is also available in our show polish. We remove all the stamps and knurls and polish the bolts to a mirror finish. Contact us for Pricing.

This kit does the all of the engine from the intake to the oil pan. This Kit Is Guaranteed To Fit Stock Engines!

This is a complete high quality stainless steel Allen bolt kit. The kit has individually packaged and labeled component kits for the following:

Top plate, Center Bolt Valve Covers, Timing cover, Thermostat Housing, Fuel Rails, Throttle Body, Throttle Bracket, Oil Pan, Intake to Heads Including Studs, Water Pump, Map Sensor, Headers, Coil Bracket, Carb Stud kit, Crank Pulley, Fan Pulley, and an EGR Stud Kit.

Header Bolts (3/8-16 x 1 Allen Bolts) And Our Special Small OD Header Washers Are Included With Each Kit! These extra thick washers are designed to Clear Large Tube Headers.



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