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GM 305 350 TPI Tuned Port Injection Grade 8 ARP Stainless Steel Engine Bolt Kit



Dress up your GM TPI Engine with our awesome polished ARP Grade 8 stainless steel 12 point bolt kit!! The kit fits the GM 305 and 350 TPI small block engines.

ARP grade 8 stainless bolts have a tensile strength of 170,000 psi. That's slightly stronger than grade 8 steel bolts! Yet they are extremely resistant to rust and corrosion. More resistant than 304 stainless!! They have a reduced size hex and a flanged head for easier installation in tight spots.

We make these bolt kits from our stock of ARP American and Metric bolts to our specs. All bolts and washers in the kit are polished. We do not remove the lettering so you will know these are genuine ARP bolts.

The kit consists of individually packaged and labeled component kits for the following:

Fuel Rail-Top Plate-Distributor Cover-Throttle body Throttle Bracket-Idle Speed Motor Housing-TPI Runners-Intake to Heads-Oil Pan-Water Pump-Timing Cover-Distributor-Thermostat Housing-Valve Covers

The kit comes with center bolt style valve cover bolts. If you are using perimeter style valve covers, just let us know and we will substitute the bolts for you.

The Top Plate, Distributor Cover, and Idle Speed Motor Housing kits have polished 304 Allen Bolts in them.


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