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CHEVY 348 409 Grade 8 ARP Stainless Steel Stock Exhaust Manifold Bolt Kit


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Here is a great way to enhance those freshly coated or painted exhaust manifolds. This grade 8 stainless ARP bolt kit is for mounting stock manifolds to the heads on your Chevy 348 or 409 V-8 engine. This kit is for the standard engines and does not fit the 425 H.P. high performance engines. These 6 point 3/8″ hex head bolts are ARP Grade 8 stainless and come with a beautiful polished finish. These bolts are rated at 170,000 psi, are far stronger than your original bolts, and withstand high heat. The kit also comes with extra thick .115 stainless washers. The long bolts are 2 1/4″ and the short are 1 1/4. If these are not correct for your manifolds, call or email us and we will substitute the lengths you need.


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