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Cadillac 322-346 Flathead Stainless Steel Engine Allen Bolt Kit


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Give Your 1937- 1945 Cadillac 322 or 346 Engine a new look with our Stainless Steel Allen Bolt kit!! The bolts in this kit are made from 304 grade stainless steel.

This Bolt Kit Fits All 322-346 Cadillac Engines.

We are aware that there are many combinations of parts that could be used to build your engine. Aluminum valve covers, oil pan, timing cover? Fuel pump block off plate? We make these kits to order, so if you let us know what parts you are using, we can custom make a kit to fit your engine.

This is a complete high quality stainless steel Hex bolt kit for the complete engine from the intake to the oil pan. We use ARP High Strength studs for the intake /Exhaust Manifold for extra strength. This kit consists of individually packaged and labled component kits for the following:

Distributor, Valley Plates, Dipstick Filler Tube, Crank Pulley Flange, Oil pan, , Timing Cover, Distributor, Intake Manifold/ Exhaust Manifold, Fuel Pump, Carb Stud Kit, Generator, and Water Pump.

We also carry the High Strength Headbolt with washers kit and the High Strength Engine Mount Kit. Contact us for prices for those kits.


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