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1984-86 FXR-FLT EVO 5-Speed Polished Stainless Engine Allen Bolt Kit


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Dress up your 1984 to 1986 FXR-FLT Harley Engine with this stainless steel 126 Piece Allen and Button head bolt kit for the 1984 to 1986 Harley Evolution 5-Speed engines. This kit will fit all of the FXR-FLT Models.

Installing this kit is very simple. Just remove one bolt at a time and replace it with the correct bolt and washer from the kit and tighten. All component kits are seperated and clearly marked as to where they go.

These bolts are great looking and best of all they will not RUST.

The photo does not show all of the items in this kit. This kit consists of the following component kits: Timing Cover, Lifter Blocks, Rocker Boxes, Inner Primary Cover, Trans Top and Side Covers.

There is no chrome plating to crack, peel, or rust, and no caps or plugs to come loose.


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