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Here is a great way to dress up your SUZUKI 1976-1978 RM370 RM400 and get rid of those rusted, oxidized bolts with this beautiful polished 100% stainless steel 87 Piece Allen bolt kit for the Suzuki engine.  A similar kit from a polish shop will cost you over $225.

This kit covers the following models:

1976-1977 RM370

1978 RM400

Installing this kit is very simple. Just remove one bolt at a time and replace it with the correct bolt and washer from the kit and tighten. All component kits are seperated and clearly marked as to where they go.

These bolts are great looking and will not rust.

This kit consists of the following individually packaged and labeled component kits:

Magneto Cover, Clutch Cover, Crankcase Halves, Sprocket Cover, Cylinder (10 x 1.25 Base Nuts Not Included), Cylinder Head and Exhaust Flanges

We use Allen bolts with our custom made washers for proper coverage to replace the old stock panhead screws. We use Socket flathead screws to replace the Ovalheads so the new bolts all match in appearance.

These fasteners have been through our polishing process and the finish is much brighter than a standard stainless steel bolt.

The photo is of a similar kit.


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