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1986-1987 ATC200X ATV Polished Stainless Steel Engine Only Bolt Screw Kit


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Dress Up Your Honda ATC200X With Our New Engine Only Polished Stainless Steel Allen Bolt Kit!!

We hand buff all of the bolts in the kit which gives them a nice bright finish. This removes most of the forging flaws, but not the lettering on the heads of the bolts. There are NO HEX BOLTS in our kit as there are in the other kits.

Great Looking Fasteners Far Below Chrome Plated Prices!!  All fasteners are cleaned after polishing before they are packaged.  Stainless resists corrosion, and best of all, it doesn’t RUST!!

Our kit has polished stainless steel fasteners and does just about every bolt, nut, and washer on your engine. We use extra thick flat washers throughout our kit.  All of our washers have been deburred so they won’t ruin your fresh powder coating or chrome.  All of the bolts are metric.

For ease of installation, our ATC200X kit includes 7 carefully packaged and labeled component kits for the following:

Right Case Cover, Left Case Cover,

Crankcase Halves (7 Visible Outer Case Bolts), Cylinder Head, Intake,

Cam Chain Tensioner, Sprocket Cover


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