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AlloyBoltz is owned by a Service Disabled Army Veteran and Two Women that specialize in polished and unpolished Stainless Fasteners and stainless steel kits for the majority of engine applications on American Cars & Trucks, Boats, ATVs, Vintage and Modern Import Bikes, Indian and Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  Our polished fasteners and kits are priced far less than comparable kits anywhere on the Internet or fastener industry.  We do our best to show just how great our bolts look in our pictures, but some of our pictures just can not show the true quality of the finish on our fasteners.

We have one of the largest and most extensive inventories of Engine Specifications in the World!  We have an extremely extensive list of high quality SS accessory kits for most engine kits that include carb studs, crankshaft and water pump pulleys, bellhousings, transmissions, exhaust systems, and many more kits for nearly all domestic vehicles. Many of our kits can be purchased in several different bolt styles including Hex, Allen and High Strength ARP stainless.


Custom built kits for specialty applications are welcome and made to order as requested.  Any substitutions required on any standard kits are no problem and we can usually substitute the required bolts for free or at a minimal charge.  It is important to us that you are able to use all of the bolts in our kits for your application.  Our customers help us add more kits and add options to our standard kits for people tricking out an engine or bike.

Our inventory of stainless steel fasteners includes hex head, Allen head and High Strength ARP stainless bolts.  We also stock stainless steel washers, nuts, wing nuts, and much more.  We have the majority of our washers custom made.  This allows for a much better fit and appearance.  You can purchase 1 or as many as you may need from our stainless steel fastener inventory.  We are constantly adding to our inventory, so if you don’t find what you need, drop us a line, or check back with us.

Our Harley Davidson kits cover all the models from the Shovelhead 4-Speeds through the latest Milwaukee 8 models.  We send our Harley kits out with a minimum Machine Polish which keeps the original look, but gives them a brilliant shine.  Our kits are polished stainless steel and are the finest you will find anywhere.  We are always expanding our inventory and will be adding more engine and multiple accessory kits to our lines in the near future.  Keep watching the Harley Davidson page for current updates.

We pride ourselves in providing the best possible service, both before and after the sale.  We have been successfully marketing and selling our SS kits on E-bay since 2000.  We have had exceptionally high Positive feedback on the over 28,000 Feedback on E-bay alone.  That doesn’t take into account the thousands of customers from our web-site.  Our customers are the best in the world and it reflects on how we do business.