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2004 & Up Sportster Grade 8 ARP Front Caliper Mount Kit


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This polished stainless steel front caliper bolt kit fits ALL front Caliper Mounts for the 2004 & Up Sportsters. The kit contains polished bolts to mount the caliper to the forks.

These beautiful American Made flanged 12 point bolts are far stronger than the factory bolts and install with a 13mm 12 point socket or wrench. A special blended 300 Series of stainless is used to make these bolts. They are forged, heat treated, ground, and then roll threaded to gain their incredible strength. Tensile strength is rated at 170,000psi, that’s stronger than the stock bolts.

This kit is for one caliper and if you have dual disc brakes, you will need 2 kits.


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