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Yamaha 2004-13 YFZ450 Show Polished Stainless Steel Bolt Kit


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Dress Up Your Yamaha YFZ450 With Our Awesome Show Polished Stainless Steel Allen Bolt Kit!! This kit is a complete Allen bolt kit. The picture above shows all of the fasteners we include in our kits. The picture is of our unpolished kit.

We remove the lettering and all flaws. Then hand buff all of the bolts in the kit to a mirror finish. We do not mix knurled and unknurled Allen bolts into our kits. There are unknurled bolts only. There are NO HEX BOLTS in our kit as there are in the other kits available on Ebay.

We carefully package our component kits in packages that fit our box. Our kit labels are inside the package and can not come off. The nuts, bolts, and washers for a component kit are not all dumped into a bag, a label stuck on it and pitched into a cardboard box to bang around in the box like the other kits available. We take pride in our products and we want them to arrive in perfect condition!!

Awesome Looking Fasteners Far Below Chrome Plated Prices!! These Bolts Will not Crack, Peel, Or Rust!! All fasteners are cleaned after polishing before they are packaged.

We guarantee your satisfaction with the finish and fit of our kits or we will refund your purchase price!!

This is the largest and most complete bolt kit for the Yamaha YFZ450 available anywhere!

It does just about every bolt, nut, and washer on your bike. We use extra thick flat washers throughout our kit. All of our washers have been deburred so they will not ruin your fresh powder coating or chrome. All of the bolts are metric.

Stainless resists corrosion, and best of all, it does not RUST!!

For ease of installation, our YFZ450 kit includes 44 separately packaged and labeled component kits for the following:

Air Box- Breather Assy- Cam Chain Tensioner- Right Case Cover- Left Case Cover- Clutch Cover

Sprocket Cover- Oil Filter Cover- Water Pump Cover- Generator- Crankcase- Cylinder

​Battery Box- Exhaust- Cylinder- Rear Sub Frame- Motor Mounts- Front Brake Calipers- Front Disc Brake Guards

Front Fender- Fuel Tank- Front Brake Mount & Cap- Front Brake Line Tee- Lower A-Arms- Front Shocks

Front Sprocket Oil Seal Retainler- Front & Rear Bumpers- Throttle Cover & Mount- Clutch Arm Bracket

Clutch Mount- Handle Bar & Steering Mount- Head Light- Oil Lines & Tank- Coolant Tank Mount

Radiator Mount & Fan- Chain Roller- Rear Arm- Rear Shock & Linkage- Rear Skid Plate

Rear Master Cylinder- Rear Brake Rotor & Caliper- Rear Sprocket- Rear Fender- Heel Guards

Shifter- Starter- Rectifier- Resistor Assy- Tail Light- Parking Brake- Rear Brake Light Switch- Wheels

If you are using aftermarket parts on your bike, let us know and we will work with you to make sure the kit will fit your combination. The kit does not have the main swing arm, foot peg, or the upper A-Arm bolts in it.  WE HAVE THE FOOT PEG KIT SEPARATELY IN THIS SECTION.


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