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BIG BLOCK CHEVY BBC 396 402 427 454 Grade 8 Stainless Steel ARP Engine Bolt Kit


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The image is of our Small Block Chevy ARP kit.  Several components are the same or similar.

These bolt kits are for the person who wants the very best American made bolts for their engine.

This 148 Piece Kit Fits the 396, 402, 427, and 454 engines and is guaranteed to fit stock engines. These are a brand new set of ARP Grade 8 stainless steel bolts. Not only are these bolts good looking, they are extremely strong and have a polished finish on them.

This Bolt Kit Fits All Older Gen 396, 402, 427, and 454 Chevy Non-EFI Engines.

ARP grade 8 stainless bolts have a tensile strength of 170,000 psi. That\’s slightly stronger than grade 8 steel bolts! Yet they are extremely resistant to rust and corrosion. More resistant than 304 stainless!! They have a reduced size hex and a flanged head for easier installation in tight spots.

We make these bolt kits from our stock of ARP bolts to our specs. All bolts and washers in the kit are polished. Our washers are custom made to our specs.

6 point bolts are shown in the picture, but you have your choice of 6 or 12 point bolts. Just let us know with the payment if you want 12 point. If you are using aftermarket parts on your engine, let us know and we will custom build a kit that fits your combination!

This is a complete high quality grade 8 stainless steel ARP bolt kit. The kit includes individually packaged and labeled component kits for the following:

Valve Covers Thermostat Housing, Oil Pan, Timing Chain Cover, Distributor Hold Down, Intake Manifold, Fuel Pump, and Water Pump

If you need any bolt substitutions for aluminum valve covers or any other non-stock parts on your engine, please email or call us and we will gladly substitute them for you.

We recommend using anti-seize at all thread points.


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